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About At Your Best

At Your Best was created as a result of numerous conversations with contractors and small businesspeople across the U.S., who were all concerned about the Skills Gap - the critical shortage of skilled tradespeople for existing positions.  The discussions with these Subject Matter Experts guided the development of the key concepts presented in the AYB Playbooks and on the At Your Best website.

At Your Best just released the first group of seven AYB Playbooks in English and one in Spanish. Together, these AYB Playbooks and the array of tools - AYB Quick Tools - will help readers navigate the process of building a great career and launching a successful small business in one of these Skilled Trades.  Additional AYB Playbooks covering other Skilled Trades and translations will be released throughout 2019.

AYB Playbooks are intended to help close the Skills Gap by providing folks the concrete steps & milestones to find jobs and build a career as a carpenter, an electrician, an HVAC technician, a mason, a bricklayer, a blockmason, a painter, a welder, or a plumber and then provide them a path to start a small business.

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