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AYB's New Podcast Series Is Now Live!!

On July 1, 2019, At Your Best launched our new podcast series - the "Skilled Trades Playbook" to share the insights, advice, and opinions of folks working in the Skilled Trades, as well as many other stakeholders on all sides of Skilled Trades/Skills Gap-related issues.

The over-arching mission for the Skilled Trades Playbook (STP) is to present the voices and insights from the broadest array of folks actively engaged in helping to close the Skills Gap.

Below you will is a current list of the live STP episodes categorized according to the three types of guests on our podcast series:

STP Episodes with Those Working in the Skilled Trades:

  • Ep. 003 - Candid insights on how to succeed as small remodeling contractor

  • Ep. 007 - Starting over from scratch to become an electrician, crew chief & trainer

  • Ep. 009 - How succeed as a one-man general contractor in good or bad times

  • Ep. 011 - Running a successful family contracting business & succession planning

  • Ep. 012 - Veteran lays out how to translate military skills to civilian workforce

Doing the work
Ed. Trng. Guidance
Helping close skills gap
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