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The Competitive Advantage in the Skilled Trades: Soft Skills

At Your Best was built based partly on the insights gained from numerous conversations and interviews with successful current and retired craftsmen in the Skilled Trades - Subject Matter Experts (SME). Invariably, those SME talks would always lead to a common observation/statement like: "We can always teach a person the skills needed to the job, as long as they have the basic aptitude and physical abilities. The real issue is that to be successful in the Skilled Trades a person needs to have good people skills, pride in their work product and a positive attitude."

Given that some form of this point continues to hold true irrespective of the Skilled Trade or experience level within that trade, At Your Best was founded on the central theme of "3P+A" - People, Performance, Professionalism, and Attitude. Click here for a quick overview presentation of 3P+A:

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